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this little pinkie

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Wendy "Pinkie" Smith


Lawrence, KS


Television, Movies, Art

About me

So, Wendy, what is it that you do again, and What the heck is ‘this little pinkie’ all about?!

My nickname is Pinkie. I started a business, a small business helping others. I have a daughter that I read stories to, like “this little piggie” substitute pinkie.. <---see what I did there?

I can help you make friends, not followers

How I Can Help You

So, you’ve heard you should have the Twitter and the Facebook. Maybe you’ve already ventured out there but not sure what else to do. Perhaps you’re a micro or small business and don’t have time or money for a big marketing campaign with high dollar consultants. Yeah, I don't either. However, I have extensive time spent on Facebook, Twitter and many other social apps and websites.

I’ll help you put your business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc and help you learn how to maintain the accounts. I will not charge you high prices but fair ones. I can translate the culture online so that you feel comfortable using social media as a conduit to your customers. I just want to keep it simple. Click on Contact Me to find easy ways to research and reach me.


I can help get your online presence started, but you have to let me know you need my help first. Fill out this form to have your message magically whisked away for me to review and I promise to get back in touch with you as soon as I can.